Nick Andreas

By: taliesin

Dynamic: Nick is a dynamic character because he learns in the end what he did to Catlin is wrong and he needs help. At the beginning of the book, Nick does not realize he hurt Catlin as much as he did and blames Catlin for it. He goes throughout the book thinking he is a horrible person because he lost all his friends and everyone hated him. He begins to understand that he needs to change after a tragic event in the book. Nick learns that Catlin will not ever take him back and he needs to stop living in a reality were she does love him. Also, Nick recognizes that he is not a terrible person but he just made a mistake. Nick, in the end, gets help with his anger and moves on.

ound: Nick is a round character because in the book the author tells us many of Nick’s characteristics. He is in love with Catlin, yet because of his anger management issues he is constantly being mean to her and even hits her. Nick also faked who he was to his friends and kept secrets from them before Catlin. Nick had a lot of problems in his life like abuse from his father, his anger, losing Catlin and his friends, and the hardest one, finding who he is. In conclusion, Nick is a very complex character.

Physical:  Nick's appearance affects his life in many different ways.In the beginning of the novel we are introduced to Nick and told his physical description. Nick, while waiting for the judge, thinks how his features compare to his abusive father’s. He thinks to himself, “My father and I look a like… My dark hair and dimples…Those green eyes can do more damage than his fist, and I see them in my own eyes every day” (6).  Nick hates that his features are so similar to his father. Nick does not want to be anything like his abusive father, so having to look in the mirror and see his father in him scares him. Also Nick isn't the most athletic or muscular kid, unlike his friends Tom and Saint.  This affects his ability to play football. Nick is humiliated because he is the worst player on the team and everyone knows it. However, Nick’s dark hair and dimples did make Catlin attracted to him. As a result, Nick’s physical features have there upsides as well as there down sides on his life.

: Nick thinks that his true self is not good enough, so he hides it from everyone. For example, Nick thinks about how everyone sees him as someone he is not, “Nick Andreas, sixteen year old rich kid, honor student, coolest guy around. All fake. Only Catlin knew me” (3). Also, Nick thinks that if people find out about his abusive father that they will think he is pathetic. When Nick finds Catlin though, he decides to open up and show his true self to someone. He falls in love with her, but his low self confidence makes him doubt that Catlin loves him. His horrible self esteem and anger management issues cause Nick to hurt Catlin, verbally and physically. After losing Catlin because he hits her, Nick is terrorized by his peers at school and loses all his friends. Nick then becomes out of touch with reality by trying to relive the past through writing in the journal the judge forced him to write. In conclusion, Nick’s metal state is not very stable.

Emotional: Nick always had a hard time finding people he felt he could open up to, but when he sees Catlin he falls in love instantly. After he asks her out for the first time and she says yes he thinks to himself, “I wanted to put her smile in my pocket to look at over and over” (128). Nick is madly in love with Catlin, and after losing her becomes extremely depressed. He also loses all of his friends, which does not help him in his time of despair. Nick was now on his own and had to deal with the restraining order, anger management class, and his father. Nick’s fear is he will become abusive like his father, but when he hits Catlin he realizes that he is more like his father than he thought.

Social: Nick, before hitting Catlin, had a great reputation and was one of the most popular kids at his school, but when everyone found out he hurt Catlin they hated him. For instance, when Nick walked in the hallway everyone would give him death stares or turn away. Nick feels, “Losing Catlin was bad enough without everyone hating me” (44). . Everyone knew Nick as a woman beater and his peers would terrorize him. People stared at him as if he was a monster; some people even became scared of Nick. Beating Catlin caused Nick to even lose his closest friends; in fact several of them even punched Nick to protect Catlin. When Nick was popular though, he was never himself. To fit in Nick hid his problems and faked his personality, well at least to everyone but Catlin. The only person he told the truth to was Catlin, but now she is gone and Nick has no one to turn to.

Moral: Nick being such an angry person made choosing right or wrong difficult. An example of this is when Nick forces Catlin to chose between him and her best friend. He does this because Nick gets scared he will lose Catlin because her best friend hates him. He tells Catlin, “Get rid of her…Make your choice, Cat. That bitch or me” (65).  Whenever Catlin did something Nick did not agree with, he did everything he could to stop it. Nick called Catlin hurtful names, screamed at her, and even physically abused her when he had to. Although Nick never meant to hurt Catlin, his anger would take control of him.

Caitlin McCourt

By: Spike
 Dynamic:     Caitlin is a Dynamic character because in the beginning of the novel she is scared of Nick and doesn’t want to be with him, but near the middle of the book she shows Nick that she still has some feelings for him even though she is still scared of him. “He hit me,” (5). and “It takes her a moment to say, ‘Make it six o’clock’ (140).

Round Caitlin is Round character because we learn about what she feels and thinks and how she acts.  “Dressed in white, her blonde hair loose, she looks like something from our mythology book, a nymph, maybe, pursued by a beast,” (2).

Physical Description: This is when we are first introduced to one of the main characters Caitlin and we learn what she looks like and how pretty Nick thinks she is.  “Dressed in white, her blonde hair loose, she looks like something from our mythology book, a nymph, maybe, pursued by a beast,” (2).  Caitlin’s physical appearance affects her life so much because she used to be fat and now she is skinny and it affects the way Nick feels about her and throughout the book the reader can see how much it effects the way she feels.

Mental Description: In this section of the novel Caitlin, Nick, and Tom are in Nick’s car going to their friends house and Nick is mad at Caitlin because he doesn’t like her necklace and thinks it doesn’t match her outfit well.  “Caitlin removed the necklace and held it up,” (99).  Caitlin is naive and always wants to please Nick and make sure he is happy even if it means she is not always happy and make sure he approves of what she does, and says, even though she is not happy herself.  Caitlin also loves Nick and wants to be with him so she wants to make sure he is happy she is also scared of Nick she wants to please him. 

Moral Description: In this scene Nick and Caitlin are sitting in his car talking.  “’Nick… It’s too soon.’ Caitlin pulled my fingers from her shirt and placed them on her shoulder” (64). Caitlin has good morals she knows what is right and what is wrong but sometimes she does not do what people think would be better for her, she always does what Nick thinks is best.

Social Description: In this scene Nick sees Caitlin in the hallway after he gets the restraining order and he is trying to convince her to come back to him because he loves her so much but Caitlin is reluctant and is still scared of him and confused of her feelings.   “’I have to go,’ she doesn’t move” (82). Caitlin is sometimes confused throughout the novel about how she should act around Nicks friends and around Nick because she was never popular and now she does not know what to do and how to act.  Caitlin is scared and does not know what to do so she listens to Nick even if she knows what she’s doing is not right.

Emotional Description: In this scene Caitlin and Nick are in his car and Nick is mad because of a necklace Caitlin wears and he yells at her about taking it off and when Nick tries to be closer to her she doesn’t know what to do and how to respond to his question.  “Caitlin didn’t respond, but she didn’t shy away” (99). Caitlin is emotional she is shy and even though she wants to say something and you as a reader can see that but she is afraid of Nick but she loves him so she does not always say nor do what she feels.  She also is scared to do what she thinks would be better for her but she does not always do that because she is scared of what Nick might say or do.

Tom Carter

By: karpati
 Dynamic:Tom is considered a dynamic character throughout the novel because his opinion of Nick changes many times. They start out as best friends until it comes to a sudden end when a situation occurs. Yet after everything that happens he realizes that him, and Nick are meant to best friends.

Round: Tom is classified as round character because throughout the novel Alex Flinn describes how Tom changes from the past to present. You get to learn about his “perfect” life, including his relationships with his family, friends, and girlfriend.

Physical Description: This is the first time the author describes Tom to his readers. “His long blonde hair blew in the breeze and he pretended not to flex his muscles to impress whatever girls might notice,” (11). Tom has the ability to impress girls and he likes to use his features at any chance he may have to win another girl over. His self esteem increases each time that he gets the satisfaction he wants from girls

Mental Description: Nick’s over at the Carter’s house when the usually topic is brought up.“We went through this every month, Mr. Carter trying to encourage Tom’s interest in the family firm, and Tom avoiding the subject,” (38). Tom has a hard working and strong family business his father wants him to be as successful as he is and pressures him into the business. Deep down Tom knows that law is not what he wants to spend the rest of his life doing he does not have the same beliefs compared to how his father has an outlook towards Tom’s future.

Emotional Description: Nick and Tom are located out front of their school talking about everything that has happened in the past year. “I want things to be like how they use to be,” (261). Tom is not known to share his emotions and feelings with his friends. When he tells  and tries to persuade Nick to become close again it is like he opens up to show he changes, and not a spoiled brat that he use to be.

Social Description: Tom tries to convince Nick to have the guts to go talk to Caitlyn. But before he has the opportunity to Tom takes over and starts the conversation before Nick can.“I couldn’t believe Tom would hit on who I liked. He’d get her too. Like I said Tom got everything he wants,” (26). Since Tom is a popular attractive guy he uses this to the fullest to win over girls. Wither or not his best friend likes her he could use his ability to get any girl. Sometimes this can become a threat to other guys including his best friend Nick.

Moral Description: Tom does not mention his date with Liana at the dinner table. Later Nick discusses why he did not tell Tom’s parents. “They wouldn’t want me dating anyone whose people floated in on less exclusive boats,” (39). The fact that Tom was raised and born in high society social life his parents can be very harsh while judging people based on rank in class or race. If they found out that Tom dates a Cuban they would not allow it and feel it is not acceptable. Tom does not agree with what his parents beliefs on what is proper and not. He has his own opinions on people but not necessarily the same beliefs as his parents.